Essential Baseball Protective Equipment

Essential Baseball Protective Equipment

You may think that baseball is just a game with bat and ball, but the ball is hard and can cause serious injuries if players aren’t properly equipped. Here is a rundown of all the essential baseball protective equipment which players, especially young or new players, should purchase.

Batting and Catchers’ Helmets

Easton Batting Helmet with MaskPossibly the most essential baseball protective equipment is the helmet which can at the least reduce the risk of concussion or other brain or head injuries.

All the major manufacturers provide helmets which provide the maximum possible protection against head injury. They are also designed for comfort and fit and come in a variety of materials and colours.


Face Guards/Catchers’ Masks

It is rare that helmets come with face guards so, to provide further protection, a face guard to protect the teeth and facial bones is recommended, whether full face or just from the nose tip to below the chin. Make sure that whichever helmet you choose meets national safety standards.

Gloves and Mitts

Batting gloves, catchers’ mitts and fielding gloves are all important in different ways. Obviously, they all offer protection from   Youth Catcher's Mitt the impact of the ball.  Batting gloves also improve the batter’s grip on the bat and help to prevent blisters.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are vital to protect the knees when sliding knee savers are also available which minimise strain on the knee joint when crouching.

Chest Protectors and Leg Guards

Needed by catchers who play probably the most dangerous position in baseball, chest protections and leg guards are essential to lessen the risk of serious injury. Batters may also choose to wear shin guards and/or elbow pads to protect against bruising and grazing.

Sliding Pants

Catchers Sliding ShortsSliding pants are padded and worn beneath sports pants.  They provide protection against grazes and bruises to the hips and thighs when a batter slides into a base.

Protective Cups

Men and boys who play baseball would be well advised to use a plastic athletic cup to protect the testicles, particularly catchers, pitchers and infielders.


Umpires’ Protective Clothing

Remember that it’s not only the players that are at risk from injury when playing baseball, but the umpire too. Helmets, face guards, throat protectors, chest, shin and face guards are also advisable.

Check out all the departments at for all the essential baseball protective equipment, as well as clothing, shoes, training gear, bats and balls.

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